Thursday, January 19, 2012

April & Ed Married! August 2011

I am ashamed. Can it be that it has been more than one year since my last post!?! Golly. Congress has kept me running at my day job!

I received a beautiful "thank you" card today from April, who married Ed in August. I've known April for a long time - we worked together before she went off to pursue her PhD - so it was a very special day for me, as well. Everything was perfect - if not for the rain. It started pouring about an hour before her outdoor-ish wedding. Like tropical rainforest monsoon, pouring. I've actually never seen anything like it. Luckily, the deck where the ceremony was to take place was tented. And we were were able to make it work!

Anyway, I was so touched by April's note, I had to share:

"Ed and I want to thank you for helping make our wedding perfect! Thank you for keeping us organized. Thank you for giving me peace of mind. Thank you for being a friend...I knew everything would be wonderful with you running the show, which made me feel so much more relaxed going into the're the best!"

Right back at you, April! Love you guys!

Some images below, courtesy of Kate Triano Photography!

My New Year's Resolution is to post more often! Next up: Sam's Bridal Shower! Stay tuned...

Friday, August 13, 2010

Get Set...Meredith's Baby Shower 2010

This Sunday, my best friend Tara Novotny and I are hosting a baby shower in honor of our friend Meredith. We're making a list (well several actually) and checking it twice (an hour).

For a woman as unique as Meredith--who is having her first, Thomas Henry--ordinary sailboats and elephants and trucks just wouldn't do. And tea parties are so 2005. So where to begin?

The the timing of the mid-afternoon shower allowed us to go out on a limb in terms of menu: Viennese dessert buffet (much to Tara's chagrin; she's not a sweet tooth. Whereas I, on the other hand...). The Viennese table is all the rage for weddings, so why not a baby shower? Viennese dessert tables, typically presented at receptions to facilitate mingling after a seated dinner, feature a variety of fancy cakes, tarts, mousses, and petit fours. We're serving some savory desserts (phyllo cups filled with goat cheese, fig preserves, and honey), some healthy options (melon and raspberry "kabobs" with Fluff spread and chocolate mousse for dipping), and some decadent sweets (red velvet and mint Oreo cake truffles from Bakerella). Not only is it fun and unexpected, the concept works for my space, where my four-level town home cannot accommodate seating for 25 guests in one room.

We looked for an invitation as flamboyant and whimsical as Meredith herself. The invitation by Doc Milo shown here is from Polka Dot Design. I've ordered several invitations from Polka Dot and I am never disappointed. It is a perfect reflection of Meredith...both her style and her personality. I simply love that the design carries on to the reverse (shown right)!

We're carrying the invitation design through to the shower decor with aqua and lime napkins and zebra print (yes, zebra) table cloths rented from Bright Settings. This is my first time using the company, but so far I'm impressed. You select what you want, they send you swatches to confirm, they ship to you on the date you request, and you send the dirty linens back in the box you received them with the return label they provide! Brilliant.

Stay tuned for pictures from Sunday's main event. Wish us luck!